Tell me more About Using soapstone

Chemistry class might’ve been your first experience with soapstone, where it was the countertop material of choice due to its chemically inert composition and high density, making it impervious to stains and bacteria. If soapstone can hold up to high school students and Bunsen burners, it might be the right choice for your kitchen or bathroom. 

Soapstone is known as a soft but incredibly dense stone. The very dense nature of soapstone makes it a truly hygienic surface for food preparation. The ‘soft but dense’ nature of soapstone makes it easy to repair mishaps and yet allows for an aging process that many think makes it look better with time. Another truly functional property of soapstone is it's almost totally resistant to heat!

If there is one maintenance issue with soapstone, it may be its softness and susceptibility to scratches and nicks. You can protect the surface by using cutting boards. And the good news is that user-caused imperfections generally can be removed with a quick sandpaper buffing. Oiling your soapstone can also help prevent scratches and hide existing ones.