Tell me more about using marble

Marble is a natural product, so no matter what the application, it will change, age, and wear over time. On a countertop or vanity you’ll want to address any concerns you have about etching and staining.

When sealed properly, staining can be avoided on a marble countertop application, but etching is unavoidable. Are you the type of person that needs a product to look exactly as it did the day you purchased it? Or do you think wear and patina over time adds character? Neither mentality is right or wrong, its just a matter of asking yourself what your mindset is to determine if marble is the right stone for you.

Are you the type of homeowner who picks up after yourself after each use in the kitchen? Or are you a busy on-the-go homeowner, where your counter wouldn’t get wiped down until the next morning? Understand that acid from substances such as red wine, sauce, or lemon juice can react with the calcium in your marble, and cause an etch mark when left on the surface for an extended period of time. 

Many homeowners choose to hone the surface of their marble countertops to help disguise the imperfections that appear over time. 

To see a real application of marble, visit our showroom where we have a Calacatta Marble island with 15+ years of wear & tear. One of our knowledgeable stone consultants will be happy to help you figure out if marble is right for you!

Source: Marble Institute of America