Visitor's Guide


Before your visit

Browse -  Check out the variety of stones available on our inventory website to get ideas of what you like. When you get to our showroom, our friendly & knowledgeable consultants will be able to answer any specific questions you have gathered.

Choose a fabricator - While we cannot assist you with selecting a fabricator, we can offer some suggestions to help ensure that your experience is a pleasant one. When selecting a fabricator, we recommend that you make sure that you feel comfortable with them. It’s important to work with helpful people that you trust during this process. Remember, this should be an enjoyable experience! Also, ask & listen! Has a neighbor or friend recently purchased granite? Ask them about their experience. *It is not required to have a fabricator secured before you visit us, but in order to secure material you will need a referring fabricator.

Schedule an appointment - CALL or TEXT us to schedule an appointment. We recommend that you plan to arrive 45 minutes prior to closing times to allow yourself ample time to view our warehouse without feeling rushed!

Come prepared - Bring any paint, tile, or cabinet samples that may help in your selection process.

During your visit

Check in - Our receptionist will greet you and gather some information about your project & note it on your personal selection sheet. 

View our inventory - One of our consultants will walk you through our warehouse and assist you with your selection. 

Holding material - If you narrow your selection and find the material you like, EleMar offers a temporary hold if the material is available. Any material placed on hold is temporary and is specifically held for your referring fabricator. Please pay close attention to the expiration dates. 

After your visit

Info goes to your fabricator - Your selections as well as any holds will get sent to your referring fabricator so that they have the necessary information to quote your project. Remember, you are never limited to one visit. Come back anytime to see material again.

Expiration dates - Material holds will have a clear expiration date noted. It is important to work closely with your fabricator to observe the expiration date of any material held.

Ordering and Delivery - Once your project is finalized with your selected material, your fabricator can order the material and we will arrange timely delivery!